Harvey Juggling


Need a performer to stun the crowds Harvey juggling will thrill your spectators with a comedy and circus show.


The Show

Harvey Juggling is a 13-year-old street performer who has quickly become an iconic figure in Covent Garden and across England. He started performing at the age of six and has since grown to become a celebrated street performer in his country. He has performed for countless audiences England-wide, including at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  

Harvey's performances consist of juggling clubs, knifes, and a variety of other props. He often incorporates comedy and rola bola into his shows, keeping the audience highly entertained and captivated. His talent and charisma have earned him several awards and recognition in the street performing community.


The Harvey Juggling Show requires:

Floor Space – 5m by 5m minimum

Height – 10ft 

Sound – I have my own amplification

The show is suitable for everyone.



"It's not often that I share my stage but when you meet a 13 year old, who's as talented as Harvey, I moved over to let him shine. 

Harvey is self taught, super dedicated, and a legend. 

I am very excited about working with you in the future."

Todd Various 

"Harvey is top notch and very entertaining"

Poppins Presents

Harvey is a phenomenal juggler and performer! He is a young prodigy with talent most adults can only dream of having! Not only is he an incredibly skilled juggler, who has put masses of time and dedication into perfecting his skill. He is also a naturally gifted street performer whose humor has the crowd in stitches. I feel honored to have Harvey perform on the Poppins stage. 

Tour Dates 2023

25th March - Dartford Street Events

6th May - Royal Coronation event at Hotham Park (with Circus Pazaz)

29,31 July - TBC